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It took one guy I never met - Chris Guillebeau and his podcast 'Side Hustle School' to finally push me over the edge and start my own eCommerce site. Looking back, I can think of at least 5 attempts with similar ventures. I guess it was never as easy as it is today. The bar for setting up a t-shirt store was never lower. I could not believe how easily Shopify connects with suppliers etc. My jaw dropped and I saw this site as a necessity. As the digital designer, not having an eCommerce store is a huge waste of potential. I am not saying that everything always should be for sale, but having an active outlet that occasionally sells things can definitely work as the encouragement for the further development of skills and creative ideas. I see it as a portfolio with 'purchase' button.

A few months ago I did a major turn toward calligraphy. I would dip my toes in it in the past but the lack of available resources always made me feel like the least talented person in the history of lettering. My most recent attempt powered by vibrant Instagram calligraphy scene pointed me in the right direction. I never felt so driven to continuously do one thing. All of that without a strong practical reason! This drive never went away but serious question emerged. I asked myself 'What do I want to achieve with this?' also, 'What have I achieved with it so far?' The thing was that I would just play around with the ink for hours without producing a strong artwork on the end. Simply it was never the point. This is where Conscious Monkeys comes in. I wanted to put myself under a pressure to produce as good calligraphy artworks as possible and make them available for sale. Initially as t-shirts to make things easier. All t-shirts are limited to 500 pcs per design. I did this to create scarcity and push myself to always produce more. After all doing calligraphy is fun and this ongoing pressure can only push me to do better things.

This obviously is the very first post. The site is live but very incomplete. I keep on working on it and on the designs every day and hope to do official launch somewhere around May 2017. If you like what you see here, please share it on facebook, tell others and consider buying t-shirts if any strikes your fancy!

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